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To Know God and Make Him Known

4th of July in Chicago 

    4th of July. “The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.” 
In Chicago they head for lake Michigan. They bring their barbecues, canopies, camping-tents, and claim their spot for the day in the grassy parks above the beach under the trees.
 In the middle of their kick back afternoon at the lake we appeared, in four white 15-passenger Chevy vans. We were were in Chicago for a week with YWAM's Summer of Service and Training (SST).
 We unloaded our teen-age students and staff and set up
to perform on an open grassy spot.

The first performers did a comedy sketch to get people's attention. Wherever we went in Chicago, people noticed us. “Lets go check it out.” Whatever we were doing was markedly different from what they were expecting at their picnic.