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Set in Rostrevor, Ireland, the former Reconciliation Centre, now YWAM's Au Cuan, not only has a beautiful view of mountain and sea, but from C. S. Lewis' memoirs, we see that he considered this, “his Narnia.”


In a letter to his brother, he confided explicitly: “That part of Rostrevor which overlooks Carlingford Lough is my idea of Narnia.”


Narnia it is, with the YWAM Centre property being a former home of the Lord of the Manor. This is where we came and trained for 10 days.

The kids loved roaming and discovering ancient halls, apartments and cellars complete with wardrobes, to take that magical tour to Narnia.

The park behind the Centre came straight from the Wood Between the Worlds and led to a great stone table on top of the mountain.


At the stone table the kids picked the tiniest, sweetest blueberries known to man. Lori made one of her killer Texas cobblers for our Love Feast.

Alan’s top ten comments

on our stay in Rostrevor


  1. A Fascinating new culture to experience
  2. Old World, Mystical scenery and settings, like Narnia. A place I'd like to go back to.
  3. Very beautiful, Refreshing, Breathtaking, like being in a movie


  1. The locals were very closed up, fairly friendly, but not nosy. They thought it cute that we were from Texas if you brought it up, but that was the end of their interest in us and they didn't let you know anything about them. It would take a long-term relationship for evangelism.


  1. Mild days and cool nights, but harsh, cold winters we heard.

6.    Everyone spoke English, only kind of funny, with hilarious accents and diction


  1. Excellent facility.
  2. The local YWAM staff is wonderful and in need of help to watch their vision of reconciliation grow.

  1. Best mass choir we ever heard anywhere!
  2. Even in the midst of conflict still going on between Catholics and Protestans, we felt safe

We returned from our trip to Europe refreshed, energized, rebooted and ready to hit the ground running. Join us as we continue to touch hearts.