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Hip and Leg Pain Gone

On the 10th of August, 2009, I attended the Healing Mass with Father Phi Nguyen
at St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church in Flint, Texas.
My mass intention was in memory of my mother-in-law who had been a cancer
survivor for over ten years and died due to an unrelated illness; also my
sister-in-law who has a small, stable brain tumor which is being watched.
After Father Phi was introduced and spoke to us, and after Dr. Briscoe was
introduced and spoke us, time was set aside for the Sacrament of
My long history of back problems has left me with chronic pain and unable to
stand up straight and walk without a limp, I believed that much of what had
been said fit my situation exactly. In spite of being extremely self
conscious and trying not to worry about running out of time for confessions,
I chose to stand in the line waiting for Father Phi.
My turn arrived; I received my penance and absolution, and returned to my
pew.  As I sat there quietly, I’m thinking about the feeling of profound
peace in my mind and in my heart.  Then I realize that my hip still hurts.  But
that was okay, because I wasn’t really praying for myself anyway.
After a while longer, Mass began.  Opening Prayer, Liturgy of the Word,
Homily (which was captivating), and Liturgy of the Eucharist…  After the
Sanctus, I knelt down for the Eucharistic Prayer.  Then came the Our Father.
I stood up without difficulty (which I am sometimes able to do) so no
surprise there, but I was standing straight and my hip and leg did not hurt!
A few moments later, I was in line to receive Holy Communion.  All the while
I was in line, slowing moving toward the Priest, I was aware that nothing
hurt!  I could hardly contain the excitement I felt!
I shared my experience with two or three friends after Mass that evening.  As
I drove home, all I could think about was St. Peter walking out to Jesus on
the water in the storm.  Once he thought about how impossible it was for him
to be doing that, he began to sink.
Today is the 19th of August.  I am still able to stand up straight and walk
without limping. I believe the pain I still have in my back is a reminder
for me to be careful, for those times when my husband Tom isn’t there
telling me, “Don’t overdo it” as I’m heading out the door.
I lead a fairly quiet life and storytelling isn’t one of my talents, so I
pray that the Holy Spirit has helped me convey the important elements of my
healing.  I am grateful to God for the gift he has given to Father Phi, and
for making it possible for him to share that gift with us.  My thanks also
go to St. Peregrine, Father Kelly, the other concelebrating priests, the
deacons, and choir (Angela Krusi and Peyton Neill)  whose participation
added to the beauty of the Liturgy.  Since the Holy Mass is the most
powerful prayer in the Church, thanks also go to the faithful who attended
the Mass.
Thanks be to God!
Kathy P.
St. Mary Magdalene