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Kerygma News for 2014

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Merry Christmas 2014

Our Year In A Nutshell

Finding those who are thirsty

Alan and Lori Harris, Directors, Kerygma Texas
We as full time missionaries have given our lives to the goal of evangelization or helping all people “to know God and make him known.”
This year we did that at several retreats we put on here in East Texas.

We put the vision in young  and old that there is more to their Catholic faith than just going to church. There is a God that you can know, and you can share that “Good News,” or kerygma with others.  We share it by going out and speaking the message, engaging in conversation and praying for people. Watching God meet their needs, right where they are is exciting!

We spent a lot of time this year encouraging adult youth leaders and clergy we met at various information fairs and conferences. That itself is ministry. We get to “love on” these leaders and in many cases pray for them right there.

This last quarter of the year we were in Tyler, Dallas, San Antonio and Southern Louisiana.  It fed our spirits to meet  others and motivate them to keep going in our common goal of sharing the love of Jesus with young people, especially. We received an email this week from a leader in the New England area:

Thank you for praying with me at the Convention last weekend.  It was so wonderful to see someone see through my loneliness and pray over me.  Your ministry is blessed and I am lucky to have experienced a little of the joy you share with others.

Please pray that more leaders, as they grow in their own faith, will boldly lead youth and young adults to a relationship with Jesus that bears fruit in their church and society.
Through these events, a select percentage will respond and connect with our ministry. Some will bring youth. We hope some will come join us.
God did an amazing work this year bringing over 100 teens to our 8th annual fall Youth Aflame Retreat. We were blown away by the turnout. It was an epidemic! Because we work hard to have two deep leadership and sensitive small group staff, we were beating the bushes to cover our needs.  It was a witness to all of what God is doing in the hearts of his people and encouraging to us that there is always more to be done!
“Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he send forth laborers into his harvest. “ Matt 9:38
We have a similar retreat in April 2015 called “Beyond Confirmation” for 13-18.  We can’t imagine what God will do as we continue this work. A Young Adult and a Women's retreat are scheduled at the beginning of  2015 plus our mission trip to South by Southwest. See the website for details and help us spread the word.  

2014: A Very Ecumenical Year

(In pictures)
It used to seem there were only a few of us who mentioned Catholics sharing and working with other kinds of Christians. This year Pope Francis connected with Kenneth Copeland and even missionary leader Loren Cunningham. We went back and plotted these 2014 ecumenical events on a timeline. We think you will be interested. It's quite fascinating.
Anglican Bishop Tony Palmer and Pope Francis “made a covenant to work for unity for the Church.”
Pope Francis and Pentecostal leader Kenneth Copeland speak support of each other via selfie videosbefore a live Texas audience. (with Tony Palmer)
Mateo Calisi, founder and president of the Comunità di Gesù (Community of Jesus), located in Bari, Italy, came to Houston to speak on Ecumenism at the Houston Catholic Charismatic Center.  We know God has raised Mateo up "for such a time as this."
Matteo Calisi met Gloria and Kenneth Copeland at their office in Texas.
Copeland, Pastor John Arnott, James Robison and others meet Pope Francis in the Vatican. See Article

July 4
Kerygma Texas began a partnership with Matteo Calisi’s U.S. liason in Dallas.

July 20
Tony Palmer dies in motorcycle incident in England. Read news article

July 28
Pope Francis visits the Evangelical Church in Caserta, Italy. It is the first time that a Pontiff has visited an Evangelical Pentecostal Church.
Fire and Fusion Conference, Ottawa Canada. Matteo Calisi, John Arnott, other Catholic and evangelical leaders. A celebration of unity in Christ!
November 14
100 Catholic students taught by missionaries at Kerygma's Youth Aflame Retreat in Lindale, TX.
November 17
Rick Warren: Saddleback Church founder speaks on marriage at Vatican. “We’re More Effective and Better Together Than We Are Apart“ See article
November 18
Because of a connection that dated back to Argentina, founders Loren and Darlene Cunningham were able to spend 70 minutes with Pope Francis in the Vatican, along with other ministry leaders from Hawaii and South America. 
We are excited about this progress in the body of Christ toward communication and being family.  Kerygma Texas (and Kerygma) keeps pushing along in the trenches. We hope others around the world will do more to work hand in hand with all believers. Catholics are hungry for more of God just like the rest of the body of Christ. Kerygma continues to work hard to disciple youth while strengthening their appreciation for the origins and meaning of the sacraments. At the same time we are re-educating evangelicals to take the time to get to know their Catholic brothers and sisters. Let’s see where all this world wide stirring goes from here.

Here are the Harris Kids all grown up, at Charlie and Calyssa's wedding in May. Left to right: Sam, Susan, James, Charles, Juanita, Charlotte, John. Come to Texas some time and visit our wild bunch.

Fueling the Ministry

This year we are considering new Tshirts that say
“Missionary: The Other Vocation.”    
We know the concept of supporting lay missions and missionary families is still very new to Catholics. We realize we are pioneers and everyone is not "cut-out" to do what we do. Would you pray about  becoming an ongoing monthly Kerygma partner?  

We love leading Kerygma here in the U.S. and it operates on very little monthly support. Missionaries must bring in the finances to run the ministry. As this ministry grows and outreach opportunities abound, will you ask God how you can be a part of this and to what extent?  Please consider us in your year end giving. We love the big bailouts but Kerygma needs monthly commitments to remain a faithful witness and to plan ahead. We're looking for people who can pray, pay or work. Which one are you? Call to talk with us about how you can be a part of this life changing ministry. We are "boots on the ground" and it is a great place to be!

As the year closes and we look ahead to the future, we encourage you to focus in on the reality of the Person of Jesus and his desire for you to know Him, the One who Is, even more deeply than ever before and then to share that personal relationship with others. Merry Christmas! 

About Kerygma

Kerygma is a ministry that combines the richness of the Church’s sacramental with a culture of discipleship. 

The work we do with Catholic youth is recognized as a lay apostolate in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. Kerygma has a main focus on the Catholic world. We utilize outside evangelization and discipleship opportunities to unite the whole body of Christ. Kerygma Texas conducts a number of programs including one day in-parish retreats, three day retreat weekends and short term U.S. or overseas mission trips. 

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Pope's friendship with late Evangelical leader Tony Palmer

(Vatican Radio) The Vatican’s Council for Christian Unity has sent a message of condolences following the sudden death of an Evangelical leader with whom Pope Francis became friends during his time as archbishop of Buenos Aires. Bishop Tony Palmer, the international ecumenical officer of the Communion of Episcopal Evangelical Churches and founder of the online Ark Community, died on Sunday following a motorbike accident near his home in the south of England.

In the message to his widow, Council President Cardinal Kurt Koch says Bishop Palmer’s meetings with Pope Francis over recent months “have given great impetus to ecumenical relations between the Catholic Church and Evangelical Christians.” His strong faith and his passion for unity, the Cardinal says, “reached a global audience of Christians with the message that there is no time to be wasted in division, the time for unity is now.”

During one of his visits to the Vatican in February this year, Bishop Palmer recorded an iphone message that Pope Francis wished to send to a Pentecostal group meeting in the United States. In that off-the-cuff video message, the Pope speaks frankly of his longing for unity and reconciliation, saying that all Christians share the blame for the sins of division.

Mgr Juan Usma Gomez heads the Pontifical Council desk for relations with Pentecostals, Evangelicals and Charismatic groups. He talked to us about the significant impact that Bishop Palmer’s friendship with Pope Francis has had on the worldwide ecumenical movement, saying that they first met in Argentina when Tony Palmer was part of a delegation of Pentecostals and Evangelicals that was holding talks with the Catholic Church in Buenos Aires....."when Tony Palmer was ordained bishop in the Communion of Episcopal Evangelical Churches, they received greetings from the then archbishop Bergoglio...."

Mgr Usma Gomez says Pope Francis teaches us that "to work for Christian unity you need brotherhood....and you realise that all the friends he had in Argentina continue to be his friends.......he's trying to build up not only relations of friendship but also relations of churches trying to look for the promotion of Christian unity..."

He says that the iphone message recorded by Bishop Palmer for the Pentecostal community "opened a door because it reached a really significant number of's an adventure that Pope Francis is asking us to establish.....he started it, he's way ahead of us and we're trying to follow this pattern!"

(From archive of Vatican Radio)

Bishop Tony Palmer, Pope Francis’ Friend, Dies in Motorcycle Crash

R.I.P.  Bishop Tony Palmer

Died July 20, 2014

 (From Tony Palmer, the charismatic young preacher who enjoyed a friendship with Pope Francis, has apparently died in a motorcycle accident.

Not a Catholic, Palmer was bishop in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches, a group that is inspired by the “middle way” of classical Anglicanism and considers itself part of the Convergence Movement.

News is spotty at this point; but according to Archbishop Charles Hill, presiding prelate at Ambassadors for Christ Ministries of America (AFCMOA) in Atlanta, Palmer was in an accident while riding a motorcycle in the U.K.  After hours of surgery, Bishop Palmer died on Sunday, July 20, 2014. 

In January 2014, Tony Palmer visited with Pope Francis at the Vatican. During that meeting, Palmer used his iPhone to record an impromptu greeting from the Holy Father to an American Pentecostal conference. In that video, which was released publicly in February, Pope Francis says to the Pentecostals gathered at a meeting of Kenneth Copeland Ministries in the United States, “Let’s give each other a spiritual hug.” 

Bishop Palmer’s respect for the Holy Father and for the Catholic Church is evident in his remarks in introducing the video to Kenneth Copeland’s conference. The message is one of brotherhood, unity and love. “Brothers and sisters,” Palmer said to the group, “Luther’s protest is over. Is yours?”  


Here’s another report from Fr. Ed Wade, CC, a friend of Kerygma Texas:

Bishop Tony Palmer of United In Christ and close friend of Pope Francis was killed

in an accident in England. He was riding his motorcycle and a drunk driver jumped the lane and hit him head on. Three teams of surgeons worked on him for eight hours before he died.

A tragic loss for his family, community and the ecumenical movement throughout the world. I was to speak with him at an Ecumenical Conference in Ottawa, Canada in August.

I, along with other ecumenical leaders see this as an intensification of spiritual warfare so please, please, please pray for us. The ultimate target is to stop this unification movement at all costs through fear and discouragement.

As I have said many times in previous postings WE ARE IN A WAR between the devil and his goons and Jesus Christ and His DISCIPLES but love will conquer hatred in the end.

So we continue the legacy of Bishop Tony and Pope Francis and soldier on..........

Saint Michael The Archangel pray for us and protect us.

Tony, pray for us

Father Ed Wade,CC

In this newsletter: Recent Kerygma events with pictures! Updates on the activities near and far. 

Kerygma Texas Newsletter

Almost to the half way point of the year! It is hard to believe how it has flown.


Womens Retreat at Sky Ranch

February ended with our first Women’s Retreat. Excellent weather, great location and a like-minded team, combining with beautiful women hungry for more of God, made “Come Away, My Beloved” a success. 

Ladies from all over Texas and Arkansas spent the weekend getting to know the Heart of Jesus more.

One of the most encouraging parts of discipleship is seeing people set free from spiritual bondages and hearing God speak to them for the first time. Teaching folks how to spend quality time in relationship with Jesus fuels us to keep going.

These precious ladies gave us much encouragement. We hope they learned as much as we did! Thank you for your prayers for this first ladies event. We have already scheduled a second one for Valentine’s weekend, 2015. See the website for an application. 

Being a Light Back Home

A year ago we shared the story of Victoria, who had just been to our weekend Youth Aflame Retreat.  We visited Victoria's youth group at her church and she shared this update story:

I have a friend who’s having problems with her parents. She told me I just need somebody to talk to. I dont know what to do. 
Ive been crying myself to sleep lately. Honestly, I feel like theres no God. Theres nobody there for me. Im alone. If my parents are doing this to me, then who am I going to go to?
I told her,  There is one God whos never gonna give up on you and Hes always gonna be there for you. Theres no reason for you to feel alone. I know youre hurting, but I promise you Hes there so you just have to keep your faith up. Your faith is being tested with this problem that youre facing. Youre letting the devil defeat you by allowing him to get into your mind and telling you that there is no God.  I can promise you that is not true.  Shes doing really well now. 
I recommend Youth Aflame. Its a lot of fun and you wont regret it. You learn more about God and grow in your faith. Best of all you get to take it all home. Its been a life changing experience for all my friends and me. I wouldn’t take it back for anything. 

National Day of Prayer May 1

Kerygma coordinated the National Day of Prayer again in Tyler, TX. It was an ecumenical effort that drew people from 9AM- 9PM. Each hour on the Smith County courthouse square was led by a different church or ministry. 
The highlight was a very large noon hour led by several pastors, dignitaries and the Catholic Bishop of Tyler. Several new church participants took an hour to lead. The weather was much more favorable this year and the turnout much better. There was excellent media coverage, including a live broadcast by the local Christian radio station. It was a lot of work, but our nation is worth it. People of all faiths made a solid effort to come together and pray for the state of our nation.


Encouraging news from Rostrevor, N. Ireland

Our parent ministry, Kerygma International, presented a five-day seminar at the end of April. We called it “How to Walk Hand In Hand, When You Can’t See Eye to Eye.” 

This event could best be described as a “crash course” for the predominantly Protestant audience in how to better understand the “Catholic World” and effectively work together with Catholics to see the world reached with the Gospel.  
Subjects in the seminar included: “Where is the Roman Catholic Church Today?” “Missions and the Catholic Church”, “Keys for Evangelizing Together”, “Learning from Mistakes of the Past”, and “How to Relate to Catholic Church Authorities”.  The interest in this type of course appears to be high.  We have already been invited by a couple of groups to present the material next year.  

Harris Homefront News

John turned 12, Susan was in a dance recital and play, Charlotte and Lucy still live with us. Juanita got to go to Rome for the canonization of JPII and Pope John XXIII. 
James served a three-month inner city children’s ministry internship in Houston from Feb-April and is home now.

Our computer blew up! Our much travelled ministry laptop has been wearing out and on a recent trip it started smoking and died, We use one at most of our events and presentations around the country, so we are in need of  a new one. Please consider contributing to this urgent need. 
How to Donate Online.

About Kerygma

Kerygma is a ministry that combines the richness of the Church’s sacramental with a culture of discipleship.  

The work we do with Catholic youth is recognized as a lay apostolate in the Diocese of Tyler, Texas. Kerygma has a main focus on the Catholic world. We utilize outside evangelization and discipleship opportunities to unite the whole body of Christ. Kerygma Texas conducts a number of programs including one day in-parish retreats, three day retreat weekends and short term U.S. or overseas mission trips. 

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Kerygma's First Women's Retreat A Great Success!

30 women met at our local Sky Ranch for an uplifting retreat Feb 28-Mar 2, 2014