Kerygma Texas
To Know God and Make Him Known
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What is Kerygma?

Kerygma Texas is a lay apostolate of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Tyler, TX. Kerygma gives lay people the opportunity to grow in their faith through training and then put it into action through short-term and long-term missions, locally and globally. 
The specific purpose of Kerygma is to know God and make Him known, through evangelization, training andmercy ministries, using all means and methods possible.
Kerygma has a main focus in the Catholic world. We utilize  evangelization and discipleship opportunities to unite the whole body of Christ.
In the United States, Kerygma Texas is based in the Diocese of Tyler with the blessing and input of Bishop Joseph Strickland who, with Pope Francis, wants all to have that personal relationship with Christ. 
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So What Does Kerygma Do?

Know and Share

Catholic young adults want to know God, understand their Catholic faith and share with others the changes Jesus Christ has made in their lives.

Work Toward Unity

While growing in their faith, they learn to confidently dwell among those from other Christian faiths, worshipping, praying, training and ministering together.