Kerygma USA
To Know God and Make Him Known

What is Kerygma?

Kerygma is part of Youth With a Mission. YWAM is a lay missions and disciple training organization that is over 50 years.

Alan and Lori Harris, the leaders of Kerygma Texas, were with YWAM as young adults. Now they reach Catholics and help them understand how to work with Protestants, become serious disciples and go to the mission field of the world without only becoming a priest or a nun. As a lay person, they are valuable and important to the Kingdom building of God on earth.

We teach Catholics that they can be on fire for God and appreciate their Catholic faith and it’s OK if they share about their personal relationship with Jesus alongside Protestants to lead the lost to Christ. We help Protestants understand the Catholic faith and why we need to work together.

YWAM Kerygma has other representatives around the world, but we have been developing it in the US since 2009. Take a look at this website and see what we have been doing for the past seven years and where we are going from here.
So What Does Kerygma Do?

Know and Share

Catholic young adults want to know God, understand their Catholic faith and share with others the changes Jesus Christ has made in their lives.

Work Toward Unity

While growing in their faith, they learn to confidently dwell among those from other Christian faiths, worshipping, praying, training and ministering together.