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Kerygma Texas Parish Programs:

Youth Confirmation Retreats

Youth Aflame Weekends

One Day Confirmation Retreat

Special Mission Trips
Adult or Family Camps 

Kerygma Texas features conference speakers for your Diocese.

Steubenville South is an example of the caliber of speakers Kerygma provides for your parish mission. Our heart is to REACH your youth as we provide conference opportunities to learn about missions as a vocation. We are available to travel for talks and seminars to the Diocese of Galveston-Houston, Diocese of Dallas, Diocese of Ft. Worth, Diocese of Houma-Thibodau, Diocese of San Antonio and Diocese of Shreveport or Diocese of Phoenix. 

·     We have women speakers, youth speakers, and can offer formation for your people like a NET conference. Christian women conferences will FOCUS on the formation of your women. Our ladies’ speakers are appropriate for women’s ACTS retreats, Catholic women conferences, Charismatic women, Family camps, Life in the Spirit conferences, women’s prayer breakfasts, staff conferences and formation leader’s training.

 Catholic teens in our camps will learn about prayer and intercession and put it into practice. Our evangelization projects will boost your spirit through SST speakers similar to those at Steubenville Conferences. Our mission is to bring a life adventure to families with a youth day that will change your world.

·     The power of WYD can be in your parish for the youth in your Diocese as we catch the youth of the world in God’s NET.

·     Opportunities to live a life in the spirit abound as we launch you on a mission of FOCUS.

YWAM provides the prayer life and charismatic speakers who show spirit and service. Ministries include vocation discernment, Family life, youth charismatic conferences. Teen mission trips are a real adventure with that same Steubenville excitement. During our service mission trip outreach we visit other Diocese and NET WORK with other world minded youth. Opportunities for bridge projects with other Catholic and Christian ministries. Kerymga will speak in your parish to youth, women, adults and charismatic prayer groups.

Create you own World Youth Day right in your Diocese, whether in Dallas, Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Galveston, Houston, Phoenix or Houma-Thibodau. It’s not a family camp or FOCUS retreat. Even a Life in the Spirit Seminar is new and fresh compared to a Kerygma SST camp with Youth With a Mission. Do something original. Open the eyes of your heart and let God bring a revival in your midst. If you have read this far and are totally confused, visit the other pages on this website or on