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Healed of Anger and Sadness

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Last August 10th at a healing Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Father Mark
Dunne blessed me with holy oil, and immediately, I felt weightlessness and
fell back.

Minutes later, I awoke from this spiritual ecstasy, crying on the carpet of
the church. After this happening, I have not felt the enormous sadness, anger
or anxiety that engulfed my heart after my husband's death from cancer almost
ten months ago. It is like our merciful God threw out all my repressed anger
and sadness through this experience!

I know in my heart that my husband is with God, but I had anger in my heart
with the doctors who had treated him for various illnesses during the last seven
years before his death. My husband, Leon, was a very trusting man and was
over-treated in my opinion. He had several bouts with cancer throughout
these years. Now I feel peace and joy; the anger and all the by-products of
anger are gone since the healing Mass!

Thank you God for healing me through the healing gift of Father Mark Dunne
at the healing Mass at St. Mary Magdalene Church, Flint, TX on August 10th!
Initially, I had wanted Father Phi Nguyen to bless me, but there were so many people in
his line, I decided to get in Father Mark Dunne's line and was so blessed to
know that God worked His healing through Father Dunne also!

Sincerely in Christ,
Cristina R.
Cathedral / St. Peter Claver , Tyler, TX