Kerygma USA
To Know God and Make Him Known
One of the traditions of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal is a “Life in the Spirit Seminar.”
It leads people into an understanding of the Holy Spirit
in their lives to take them deeper with the Lord.

In the Diocese of Tyler we call our event a Conference because it is only one weekend, Friday night and all day Saturday.
This year we also included our regular monthly Thursday night Healing Mass.
Fr. Bob Faricy from Minnesota and Wisconsin was recommended to us as a fine teacher on the move of the Spirit. Over 80 years old, Fr. Bob is still quite a character.
Telling his personal story of being initially resistant to Charismatic things puts the listeners at ease concerning their fears and questions.
Not a shy priest, Fr Faricy is bold to involve participants in praying for each other’s healing by laying on hands. Fr Bob got the whole room involved.
This was our third year to hold the Conference. Each year the speakers have taken our group into “deeper water.”

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