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To Know God and Make Him Known
Being a missionary in East Texas is a lot of work, people to minister to in person are not always in my face.  Actually most of the local people in my town are in ministry themselves. Not so in Chicago. I was a van driver the week of the 4th of July, 2010 for 25 teenagers who went for a week of street ministry.
 A big part of the thrill of ministry there is needy people everywhere you turn. Here I pray every day alone. There I prayed for people all over town. It was ministry in high gear.  Monday morning June 28, Brad Stanley, Director of YWAM Chicago, briefed a group of
25 teenagers and the leaders of their SST outreach on our strategy for the week.
  'What God told us he wanted us to do, was to simply go into the City and offer to people the chance for them to ask God something.
So one of the things you guys are going to be involved in, in almost everything you do this week, one of you main strategies is, simply coming up to people and saying, “Hey, we're a mission team in the city today. We're just praying for people today. Is there something I can pray for you today? Anything you want to pray for? I'd love to pray with you.”'
Each day of the SST Phase II outreach to Chicago, I prayed for God to bring people across my path who he had prepared for me to minister to.   Its funny the steps God takes you through to be in the right place at the right time to share or pray with someone.  Monday night we went looking for homeless people on Argyle street in Little Saigon.Looking for something to drink we stopped at Dunkin Donuts.
 That is where I met Adeel, standing out front. Adeel is a taxi driver from Pakistan, a Muslim. He is single, 35 years old, in America one year and  well educated cardiologist who is trying to get his papers to practice in the states. He seemed stifled. Adeel was very warm and was glad to let me pray for him. I told him that God planned for us to get together tonight, and brought me from Texas just to pray for him. I walked off thinking how much trouble we had finding people and now I knew why.
Tuesday afternoon my group did Chicago Transit Authority ministry. We took the city bus to the Red-Line train, then the elevated train all the way south past the White Sox stadium on the other side of down town. We talked to people on the bus and train and offered to pray for them.
Tuesday night it was my team's turn to do the “hotdog ministry.” We had a barbeque in the park at Lake Michigan right at the intersection of two sidewalks. While the students took free waters to give to people in the park, I stayed at the table and assisted others fixing their own free hotdogs and chips. When some asked why we were doing this, we said “to share the love of Jesus and pray with people.” Most thought that was pretty cool.
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