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Phase One: Houston Texas

By Alan Harris, August 16, 2010
In July 2010, Lori and I were part of the Houston outreach for YWAM's summer teen mission SST Phase 1. We have worked in Chicago with Phase 2 students in the past and were asked to help with first year students this time.
In Summer of Service and Training Phase One these 26 teenagers, 13-19 years old, experienced a week of training in Tyler, followed by a week of practical evangelization on the streets.
Houston, especially in the communities surrounding downtown, is a magnet for down and out people: homeless, poor, drug users.
These are all struggling people who need Jesus just like we do. Many of us on the team had lived some of these same situations.

We were there to listen to their stories,
share ours and pray with them.
This was our first experience of ministering like this in Houston. We wanted to capture it in our emotions and on film to better involve the body of Christ to GO into the world and preach the Gospel.

We took three 15-passenger vans of mostly teenagers. Some were street smart. Others were regular church kids. God used them all.
The old church we stayed at was equipped to sleep around 100 on decent bunk beds. We were less than 10 minutes from all of the activities we would do throughout the week.