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We Sure Could Use A Little Good News Today   

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By Alan Harris

October 31, 2012


The last week of October, America was preparing to start voting and Hurricane Sandy was on the approach. A lot of turmoil and a lot of fear was in the air. As Anne Murray said in 1983, “We sure could use a little good news today.” Well, here's some.
In that same week we had our 5th annual Youth Aflame Retreat at YWAM. 
That's where I met "Miguel", the first night in my cabin.  Miguel is 16 and is first chair trumpet in his High School marching band. Miguel's dad signed his three teenagers up for the two-night retreat. This dad wanted his children to grow deeper in the Lord and was excited about them going.
 Although the dad paid for the retreat, there was still a cost for Miguel.  He had to get out of marching at his school's football game in order to come. He told me that night he was looking forward to getting closer to God.  Can somebody say “cool”?

I watched Miguel listening intently as we went through the various weekend talks. He was the second oldest boy there besides my James. In my cabin were three boys and one other dad, which also formed my small group. By the first small group session God was already speaking to Miguel about being different when he went home. He said he would start controlling his anger and would be a lot quieter.
Saturday afternoon we taught how Jesus died of a Broken Heart including some cold realities about the abortion industry.  Luis said he had never really had abortion explained before and didn't realize how terrible it was.  It really shook this 16 year old up. (read conclusion)

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