Kerygma USA
To Know God and Make Him Known

“Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town.”

 Are my readers too young to know that Sinatra tune? This was my first visit ever to Chicago, outside of airport stops.
  Lori and I served as the eldest members of the team of nearly 60 people. We spent seven days in Chicago with a summer youth camp from June 30 through July 6, 2009. We went to experience the nations of the world without leaving the U.S.
    Brad Stanley, director of YWAM Chicago, told us there are 200 nations represented in this city, only 24 short of having all the world represented. Reminds me of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.
From our two story church building with a basement, we ventured out to get a taste of urban culture we don't find in East Texas. We found many Indians, Koreans and Vietnamese, mixed with an equal share of caucasians.
Lori and I found a large Catholic church the first night, St Hilary's, opened in 1956. In 1956 I don't think there were any Catholic churches in East Texas. We prayed for God to give us his appointments after attending mass on Wednesday morning.
    We met the priest after mass and negotiated a tour of the church for our group if desired. Lori and I wound up going to mass six days in a row. It was a good quiet break from the kids. We started out the heavy wooden front doors of the beautiful church to find it was raining – and we had a 15 minute walk, with no umbrella.
     I turned back into the lobby and asked a sweet woman about 65 if she could give us a ride home. She did and we had a wonderful conversation in the car. She asked is to pray for her grown children to come back to the church, who don't go to church anywhere.  She might have meant to pray during our prayer time, but Lori laid hands on here in the front seat and prayed right then.  It might have freaked her out because she avoided us at mass the rest of the week!