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To Know God and Make Him Known

Financial Support

The theme of Youth With a Mission has always been to know God and to make Him known through discipleship and missions.  Kerygma, as a branch of YWAM, seeks to integrate Catholic sacramental life into this theme. To do this, we work as bridge builders between the Catholic world and other Christians.

As YWAM missionaries, we work strictly on a volunteer basis. Our work is not underwritten by any parish or foundation, but by individuals like you. You have the opportunity to invest in God's Kingdom work through Kerygma

Every tax-deductible dollar you give to Kerygma Texas will help us reach  young people just like the ones you see here. We have heard beaming reports from parents and priests who saw immediate evidence of increased faith and character in those who participated in our discipleship programs. 


 Read how a generous donation started one teenager on the road to Knowing God more!



While you are still looking at this, please click the Paypal logo and send us a donation online to help us keep reaching these young people.  If you need to pay by check or would like to become a regular monthly partner, please print off the response page and send it in the mail. Thank you. All donations receive a tax deductible receipt, so be sure to include your mailing address.

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