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YWAM Links

YWAM Woodcrest - This is the base we are staffing. There is predominately an emphasis on being better writers.

YWAM Tyler - YWAM Tyler is our neighboring base here in East Texas. We link with them in joint ministry projects like SST.

Arts With a Mission - Our YWAM friends locally who minister in the arts, mostly performing: dance, drama, music. 

YWAM - This is the official international website for YWAM with many links and resources. 
Create International - A YWAM group that ministers in all the cutting edge media of today. 
YWAM K-Teams - Kerygma Teams is the branch of YWAM that emphasizes the inclusion of Catholics
YWAM SST - These are the teen youth camps that our local YWAM base holds. We work with their department for weekend and 2 week camps.
YWAM England - I found this very informative YWAM site that answers a lot of questions about YWAM.
Mission Builders International - provides willing Christians opportunities to assist frontline missionaries and Youth With A Mission (YWAM) participants by arranging short-term mission trip assignments

Other Links 

St. Mary Magdalene Church - The parish we work with for a monthly Charismatic Healing Mass. They also help underwrite our annual Fall Youth Aflame retreat.
CCF - Community Christian Fellowship, in Garden Valley, our local ministry church.  
 Tyler Evangelization - The Bishop has asked us to lead evangelization activities for the English speaking community in the Diocese of Tyler. Visit our evangelization website to stay up on events related to sharing the Good News. 
Family Missions Company - an organized  apostolate ("Family") of Catholic laity dedicated to missionary evangelism. They are in nearby Louisiana.
ChristLife -  a like minded Catholic ministry. Our friend Dave Nodar, is helping us to develop a weekly in home study fellowship with their curriculum. Check out their site and blog.