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YWAM Links

YWAM Woodcrest - This is the base we are staffing. There is predominately an emphasis on being better writers.

YWAM Tyler - YWAM Tyler is our neighboring base here in East Texas. We link with them in joint ministry projects like SST.

Arts With a Mission - Our YWAM friends locally who minister in the arts, mostly performing: dance, drama, music. 

YWAM - This is the official international website for YWAM with many links and resources. 
Create International - A YWAM group that ministers in all the cutting edge media of today. 
YWAM K-Teams - Kerygma Teams is the branch of YWAM that emphasizes the inclusion of Catholics
YWAM SST - These are the teen youth camps that our local YWAM base holds. We work with their department for weekend and 2 week camps.
YWAM England - I found this very informative YWAM site that answers a lot of questions about YWAM.
Mission Builders International - provides willing Christians opportunities to assist frontline missionaries and Youth With A Mission (YWAM) participants by arranging short-term mission trip assignments

Other Links 

St. Mary Magdalene Church - The parish we work with for a monthly Charismatic Healing Mass. They also help underwrite our annual Fall Youth Aflame retreat.
CCF - Community Christian Fellowship, in Garden Valley, our local ministry church.  
Family Missions Company - an organized apostolate ("ministry") of Catholic laity dedicated to missionary evangelism. They are in nearby Louisiana.
ChristLife -  a like minded Catholic ministry. Our friend Dave Nodar, is helping us to develop a weekly in home study fellowship with their curriculum. Check out their site and blog.
Wanted- Wanted Poster that gives the passion of what we do