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 2011 Titles Author Description
It was an introduction to the Holy Spirit. Every one received.
 2010 Titles
2010 SST Phase 1: Houston
 Lori and I were part of the Houston outreach for YWAM's summer teen mission SST Phase 1.
 Being a missionary in East Texas is a lot of work, people to minister to in person are not always in my face....
 Who I Am In Christ: This year, in 2010 Fr. Bob Hogan (BBD) came from the Arch Diocese of San Antonio.
Jo Embleton
(From Catholic East Texas Newspaper) Employing a charismatic approach to ministry doesn't lessen the impact of the Catholic faith, but enriches it...
 Jan. 2010 Healing Mass "I was ready for it. The return of the healing Mass – the night when all the..."

2009 Titles Author Description
Sept 16, 09 Healing Mass
Alan "The rain fell all day. You had to want to be somewhere bad enough..."
Prepare for the Storm Lori Spanish Youth Rally "We were thankful we had chosen to drive the big Forerunner, left for us..."
 Chicago Trip 1 Alan  “Chicago, Chicago, that toddling town.” Are my readers too young to know that Sinatra...."
 Not in my town (Chicago pt2)
 ”Hey man, can you spare a quarter?” Lori and I looked up as we rounded a downtown..."
"4th of July. “The rockets red glare, the bombs bursting in air.”  In Chicago they head for Lake..."
 The India Chronicles 2009  Alan & Lori  Read the Five-week Adventure of an American Catholic family.
Jo Embleton
(From the Catholic East TX newspaper)  "Involved with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) since the early 1980s,"
(From the India Chronicles)  "In recapping the last six weeks of life in India I realized..."
Alan Ministering to the homeless in India "Two filthy barefooted little girls in dirty dresses descended upon me,"
Lori True friends are the ones you can share even the ugly part of your story with.
"In America, I might need a new washing machine. I could need a new outfit...."
The gentle and loving spirit, tempered with wisdom and an Australian accent take you by surprise
2008 Titles Author Description 
 "Something life changing happened to me and people still don’t know what to say about it...."
 Patrick Butler
 "...among them Lori Harris, have joined their brethren in crossing the Tiber, a phrase that Reno..."
 Susan De Matteo
 Catholic East TX Newspaper "From her childhood in the Pentecostal church to a youth given over to hippie..."
Story of Kerygma Teams and why Alan and Lori got involved
1990's Titles Author Description 
Lori was a columnist for Mary Pride's Practical Homeschooling in the 90's